My Approach

Green Collar Collaborations works with organizations and people whose programs and projects aim to create ecological engagement, systems thinking, and collective action. These three elements are essential for building a future that is hopeful for ourselves and our communities.

Ecological Engagement

Ecological engagement describes activities that bring people in contact with their environment and each other in deep and meaningful ways. Relationships are the focus of the programs we work with. It is through new and deeper relationships with the natural world, our built environment, and each other that we develop new ways of knowing and thinking about our world.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking education builds an understanding of the big picture and how the pieces interact with each other. What are the levers that drive our communities, our ecosystems and our economy? Learning to lead and live in a connected world is our goal.

Collective Action

Collective Action creates the, “So What?” by working to make a positive change with others. We can’t do it alone and working with others to make change doesn’t come naturally. Green Collar Collaborations works with partners to design programs that create the change we need.