Just Language in Ecology Education

How do we apply a lens of identity, diversity, and justice to the language of ecology education?

The language we use to describe the world around us plays a role in creating the framework we use to understand it. While we share a common connection to the natural world, the way we teach and talk about it can prevent us from having conversations that include all perspectives. 

Just Language in Ecology Education is an effort to build a community of educators and scientists who are using cycles of inquiry to explore the language of ecology education through a cultural and scientific lens. Our intention is to create a set of materials and activities that will provide best practices and guidance for the community of ecology education practitioners.

This project is facilitated by Danielle Bunch, A Senior Conservationist at the Newman Wetlands Center in Metro Atlanta, GA and Chris Widmaier, Founder of Green Collar Collaborations LLC.

Topic 1: Invasive Species

Introduced species provide us with a starting point for an exploration of how ecological education can be an inclusive and just endeavor by considering how words like, “invasive” and “alien” convey cultural concepts that can be perceived as exclusive.  

Everything we have developed and gathered so far can be found in this shared folder for participants: Link to Folder

Contributing to the Project

Project Sponsors:

The following organizations, businesses, and individuals have provided resources to make this project possible.

Clayton County Water Authority

Green Collar Collaborations

Reach out to become a project sponsor: info@greencollarcollaborations.com