About Me

Green Collar Collaborations is a business founded by Chris Widmaier in Rochester, NY.

Reach out by email: info@greencollarcollaborations.com.

Find Green Collar Collaborations On Twitter: @GreenCollarCol1

Chris Widmaier is an educator, social entrepreneur, and enthusiastic Rochesterian who served as an instructional coach and science educator in the Rochester City School District before moving on to the next stage of his career, attending RIT as a student in the MS Management program. He focused his studies on social entrepreneurship and is using what he learned to launch Green Collar Collaborations and a nonprofit, the Rochester Ecology Partners. His work as an educator focuses on environmental connection and student empowerment. He is committed to the development of a sustainable, resilient community that offers equal opportunity for all people to live healthy, happy lives.


  • BS Biology (Ecology and Evolution), University of New Hampshire
  • MAT Science Education, Cornell University
  • MS Management, Rochester Institute of Technology


Photo Credit: Avery Howe