January 5: Invasive Species Dialogue

Just Language in Ecological Education: Finding the Right Words to Use

Topic 1:  Invasive species

The language we use to describe the world around us plays a role in creating the framework we use to understand it. While we share a common connection to the natural world, the way we teach and talk about it can prevent us from having conversations that include all perspectives. 

Introduced species provide us with a starting point for an exploration of how ecological education can be an inclusive and just endeavor by considering how words like, “invasive” and “alien” convey cultural concepts that can be designed to be exclusive.  

Join us for a dialogue that will lead from inquiry to action around the way we discuss the relationship we have with life on earth and each other. 

Date and Time: January 5, 7:00 – 8:00 EST 

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About the facilitators:

If you are interested please complete the following registration form and a zoom link for the discussion will be sent to you. If you have questions please reach out to cjwidmaier @ greencollarcollaborations.com

We also ask that you read the article, “Perspectives on the ‘alien’ versus ‘native’ species debate: a critique of concepts, language and practice”, by Charles R. Warren as a starting point for the discussion.

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